Gantouw Farm, Knorhoek Estate (Farm in Cape Town) Helderberg Rural, Cape Town, 7135
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Gantouw Farm is situated in the Sir Lowrys Pass overlooking False Bay. In days gone by the Pass was known as Gantouw (Elands) Pass by the Khoisan people who hunted the beautiful antelope in the area. The Pass was also one of the main wagon trails to the interior of the country and the tracks of the wagons can still be seen along the old pass. The Farm enjoys sweeping views over False Bay but also endures extreme weather conditions including high winds and above average rainfall.


When we purchased the farm in 2005 some of the existing Merlot vines were removed and Mission, Luccino and Frantoia olive trees were planted. Moving from a farm in Mpumalanga, we wanted to continue to farm in natural and organic farming methods, using only natural fertilisers and avoid poisons, herbicides and pesticides. Enriching the soil and encouraging wildlife to move back to the farm. It has taken 10 years to get to a point where the farm will not be recognised by the previous owners, it is lush, crawling with earthworms, teeming with wildlife from Cape Eagle Owls right down to Elephant Shrews!

Naturally we brought our garlic seed and implements from Mpumalanga and where there were no olive trees, we planted garlic! Garlic has always been our passion and we wanted South Africa to have the pleasure of eating Heirloom garlic from all over the world. We managed to get our hands on 26 varieties, many of them on the market,originating from us, are available on seed websites in South Africa today. We are very excited to share this journey with you so please enjoy our garlic with us.