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Heirloom Garlic Seed

Chinese Purple


An Asian Turban garlic originating from Southeast area of China.



Flavour and Uses

Chinese Purples have a very strong garlic taste with a fierce heat. They have a strong aftertaste that sticks around for a while. This would be an excellent garlic to use for the medicinal benefits or if you want an extra strong garlic to use in insecticide or anti-bacterial sprays as it would seem to have a very high potential to produce lots of allicin.

Appearance and Size

Beautiful striped purple and white skin. Reliable producer. Fruity and mild but may grow hotter in some climates. The clove covers are dark brownish-purple. 6-8 cloves in a head.

Harvest and Storage

Early harvest. Plants will be mature in spring. Look at 5 -6 months storage.