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Heirloom Garlic Seed

Kostyn’s Red Russian


Marbled Purple Stripe type garlic. Originated from Russia and clearly related to Russian Red. Kostyn’s came to us from Boundary Garlic and they got it from Gary Swann of Port Alberni, whose uncle was the now infamous Kostyn.



Flavour and Uses

Kostyn’s Red Russian is known for its amazing , true-garlic flavor. The flavor is intense and long lasting. On a scale from 1 to 5 ( 1 – mild, 5 – very hot) Kostyn’s Red Russian is a 5! Use for anything that calls for a robust garlic flavour!

Appearance and Size

Bulbs are usually big in size and have fewer cloves (5 -6 per bulb).  Bulbs are white with purple streeks, cloves are wrapped in brownish/purple skin and easy to peel. Kostyn Red Russian is very reliable producer and tolerates almost any type of soil.

Harvest and Storage

Mid-season harvest. Let those bulbs reach their maximum size by waiting until a good 50% of the leaves are brown. The wrappers on Marbled Purple Stripes (which are an extension of the leaves above) are so thick and strong that you don’t need as many to be intact at harvest.

Good mid to long-term storing garlic. If you plan to use as seed garlic, we recommend gently tearing the wrapper around the stem to allow air down in to the cloves, otherwise the thick wrappers can hold moisture and promote mould. Expect 6-8 months if stored properly.