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Heirloom Garlic Seed

Rose Lautrec


Rose de Lautrec is a Creole variety. There is a region in France near Toulouse called Lautrec which is famous for its pink garlic. The French are extremely proud of their Rose de Lautrec and has a harvest festival in Lautrec specifically for this garlic every year.



Flavour and Uses

Rose De Lutrec has a very unique flavor, It has a modest amount of pungency, perhaps 3 or 4 on a scale of 10, so it is a warm garlic but not a hot one. It’s flavour is what separates it from the others; It has a deep sort of muskiness but with an influence of dijon mustard or a hint of horseradish. Good for all cooking.

Appearance and Size

White outer wrappers and beautiful rosy cloves. It likes a lot of sun and does very well in the warmer regions.

Harvest and Storage

It is Early to Mid-season harvest. And stores well.